"Our Pursuit, Life’s Potential." That is Allergan’s vision, and every day, around the globe, our more than 11,000 employees work to deliver on this vision.

A lot of healthcare companies talk about patients’ "unmet needs." They use that phrase so often, in fact, that it just becomes a buzz-phrase with no real meaning. Our employees’ dedication drives us to understand what underlies the needs of patients, as well as the physicians who treat those patients. Their dedication leads to the discovery and development of products that not only target what the patient physically requires, but also allows them to expand their own potential.

Through this Web site, we will highlight what makes Allergan a different kind of company: a unique combination of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medical device manufacturing, that avoids bureaucracy in favor of efficient and fast decision-making. We will also take a broader view, looking at important trends in healthcare and business. Among other features, the site will include a new blog. In this blog, I will write about topics that relate to Allergan and our employees, as well as those that impact the world at large – ranging from the impact of health reform on innovation, to trends in targeted therapies, to the responsibilities of businesses for sustainable practices and growth.

I invite you to visit the site regularly. We may tweak some noses along the way, but we will always call it as we see it.


David E.I. Pyott, CBE
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

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